[16:28] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: So...Here to dicuss you deleteing my salsa page?
[16:29] Naythan: sure
[16:29] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Well that was easier than i thought
[16:29] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I prepared a whole speech
[16:29] Naythan: what are you offering
[16:29] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Not reporting you to the FBI....
[16:29] Naythan: besides that
[16:30] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Why did you add me?
[16:30] Naythan: because I wanted to talk to you. I heard you were back and turning over a new leaf
[16:30] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Aha okay..Can you also turn over a new leaf and delete the page?
[16:31] Naythan: It's not up to me. Everyone else loves the page so much, I couldn't unless they agreed to it
[16:32] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: >_>
[16:32] Naythan: It's harmless fun; most people just think it's a fake person. And you never call yourself salsa, and you change your screenname so much, it doesn't really hurt you
[16:32] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: HAHAAHA
[16:32] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: DOsnt hurt me?
[16:32] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: It kills me
[16:32] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: I got axinitey disorder cos of it
[16:32] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: i got alot of stress and depression
[16:32] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: How does that not hurt me?
[16:33] Naythan: why? What on the page caused you to develop an anxiety disorder and stress?
[16:33] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: What didn't cause it?
[16:34] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Everything caused it
[16:34] Naythan: well in my defense, not everything on that page is mine. Other people have contributed
[16:34] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: cant you just delete it -.-
[16:35] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Ppl can say it was a hacker attack if it helps your reputation
[16:35] Naythan: I guess that makes sense
[16:35] Naythan: brb
[16:41] Naythan:
I couldn't find a button to delete the whole page, so I basically just select+erased everything
[16:44] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: heh thanks :D
[16:44] Naythan: (:
[16:44] Naythan: we good now?
[16:44] Ḟąÿ | §hµʂµɱí | Gollum: Yeah...Finally
[16:48] Naythan: cool